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hyperbolic_3Water Training Services (WTS) provides a variety of training tools to owners, operators, engineers, utility managers, and others of water using facilities.  Also, these services are extremely helpful to water treatment service companies, suppliers to the water using industry, engineering firms, and any persons requiring knowledge and/or training of water using systems and treatment. 

WTS, organized and established by Paul R. Puckorius, is an independent consulting/training firm (not a chemical or equipment supplier) specializing in all types of water systems.  It does not market specific products and offers unbiased training services.  Paul is well known in the water treatment industry for his knowledge, experience, and practical training/consulting in all phases of water treatment for power plants to HVAC systems and all other industries.  (See web site ).

Fire Tube BoilerWTS provides basic as well as advanced training aids that are very practical and easily understood.  Beginners as well as those with great knowledge can learn how-to operation and water treatment needs of various water equipment.  Those with good knowledge not only receive a refresher but also learn of new developments and procedures.

Currently available water training services cover the following topics:

*  Cooling tower Systems                       *  Water preparation systems
*  Closed cooling water systems           *  Legionnaires Disease
*  Boiler Water High Pressure            *  Water Conservation & Reuse
*  Boiler Water Low/Medium Pressure 

Training services for additional types of water using equipment and systems are planned for the near future.  We invite requests for other services by contacting us.

These services provide various training aids, including outstanding workshops for small groups, manuals that provide extensive in-depth written information, short specific write ups on all sorts of water systems and water treatment, technical articles on new developments and specific subjects, plus CDs on scale prediction, and even books that provide antic dotes and humor relative to the water treatment industry.  These services include:

Public Workshops                           Subscription Newsletters
Private Workshops                         Technical Papers
Manuals                                          Books  & CDs
Special Articles                               Slide Rule


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