cooling towerWTS conducts a series of in-depth workshops They are not an academic presentation but a practical, easy to understand, and hands-on workshops.  WTS presents practical training accumulated from over many years of experience throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  WTS has worked with many companies such a utility power plants, refineries, chemical, commercial/institutional facilities, and other water using operations.  We have identified cost effective system protection, water treatment, and water conservation/water reuse, which is included in the workshop agenda.

WTS instructors and speakers are very knowledgeable with extensive practical experience.  They welcome questions and encourage an exchange of attendees’ experiences.

In addition to workshops scheduled by WTS for all attendees, site workshops are available at company facilities for their personnel.  Please contact us for your requirements.

Cooling Water for Process Industries- two day

This workshop covers cooing tower and closed loop cooling water systems for refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, and general manufacturing facilities.
It identifies and discusses how scale, fouling, corrosion and microbiological problems occur and how to identify them.
The newest water treatment technology is discussed and outlined as well as effective and practical monitoring the effectiveness of the water treatment program.
In addition it provides the methodology used to develop a water treatment program using the Puckorius “MEOW” program.

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Attendees should include unit operators, engineers, chemists, technical management, and supervisory personnel from all industrial, commercial & institutional backgrounds. These workshops are designed for the end-user and are not a theoretical/academic presentation but are very practical. They provide benefits  many times the cost of the workshop and expenses. There is plenty of time allotted for questions and attendees are encouraged to bring their specifics on their systems and needs.

Manuals will be provided covering the presentation as well as extensive references and articles that cover the subject workshop. This manual is prepared from the perspective of the decision maker and will provide valuable operating information and directions on how to approach the related subject.

Description of each workshop

Low/Medium Pressure Boiler Water Workshop--- One Day

This workshop is specifically designed to identify the water quality and water treatment alternatives available for these boilers. The pressures covered are from 5 to 900 PSI boiler operations. Covered subjects include scale and corrosion control in the boiler and corrosion control in the steam and condensate lines. Trouble shooting and startup/standby procedures are discussed in detail.

Boiler Water for Utility Power Plants Workshop--- Two Day

This workshop is designed specifically for boilers operating at 900PSI and higher typical of combined  cycle/cogeneration/HRSG/ and power plants type boilers. This workshop covers makeup water preparation methods and water quality required for various pressures including water treatments. AVT and various phosphate programs are covered as well as all organic treatments.  Condensate treatments, layup/startup, and chemical cleaning are included as well as troubleshooting information.

Cooling Water Workshop--- One Day

This workshop covers all aspects of water treatment for scale, fouling, corrosion, and microbiological problems. Cooling towers are the primary systems reviewed but also included are once-thru and closed systems. The impact of various makeup waters including fresh and reuse waters are included.  It identifies MIC corrosion, white rust concerns, and proper startup to provide the most cost effective equipment protection. Prediction of scale tendencies, green water treatments, water conservation, and how to select and evaluate a water treatment program are topics discussed.  Legionnaires disease, monitoring and troubleshooting is included.

Cooling Water for Utility Power Plants Workshop--- Two Day

This workshop covers once-thru, cooling tower, and closed loop cooling systems for both fossil and nuclear Utility Power Plants. It shows how to match the cooling system equipment requirements for protection with the proper water treatment with fresh and reuse waters. Included are methods for selecting scale, fouling, corrosion, and microbiological treatment programs-those that work and those that do not. Film fill fouling and cleanup are reviewed as well as MIC and the corrective actions/treatments that are cost effective. Developing environmentally acceptable programs along with effective monitoring procedures such as scale prediction by effective methods is given. Newest technologies are reviewed.

Water Conservation, Reuse, and Optimization for Cooling Systems--- One Day

This workshop covers the techniques for water conservation via newest technologies of chemicals, equipment, and combinations. It includes zero-blowdown possibilities and the recycling of blowdown waters. Reuse waters are identified with and without further treatment and how they can be utilized in refineries, chemical plants, utility stations, and HVAC cooling water systems. Water treatments that are compatible with various reuse waters are identified and reviewed. Typical concerns and potential problems when using reclaimed or “used” waters is discussed along with corrective actions. Case histories are included.

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