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WaterChemSolutions is a subscription publication of Water Training Services originally produced by Puckorius & Associates,Inc. The publication provides specific information on commercial and industrial water treatment and control in cooling and boiler water systems. Subjects include guidelines for treatment of corrosion, scale, and microbiological deposits and corrosion. How to properly protect water systems during startup, operation, and storage. Generic chemicals and sources are given, when specific treatments should be utilized/when not to use, plus much more. This publication is very practical and useful to owners/operators as well as to suppliers to the water treatment industry. This publication is produced periodically and individual previously published copies are available which are:

1 1 Polyacrylates use in water treatment
1 2 High Performance Polymers – Part I – Boiler Water
1 3 High Performance polymers – Part II – Cooling Water
1 4 Phosphonates – Part I – Scale Control – Cooling Water
2 1 Phosphonates – Part II – Corrosion Control – Cooling Water
2 2 Phosphonates – Part III – Boiler Water – Chemical Cleaning
Reverse Osmosis Feed Water Stabilization and Other Applications
2 3 Cooling Water Systems – Microbiocides – Oxidizers – Part I
2 4 Cooling Water Systems – Microbiocides – Oxidizers – Part II
3 1 Cooling Water Systems – Non-Oxidizers – Part I
3 2 Cooling Water Systems – Non-Oxidizers – Part II
4 1 Amine Condensate Return and Streamline Treatment
4 2 Oxygen Scavengers
5 1 Boiler Passivation
5 2 Cooling Water Systems – Passivation – Part 1 – Heat Exchangers
5 3 Cooling Water Systems – Passivation – Part 2 – The Entire System
5 4 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in Cooling Water – Part I


Water Workshop Manuals

fire tube boilerThese manuals include all of the material included in the workshop courses. The visuals used as well as articles, publications, drawings, and references are in a three ring notebook with an index.

1.  Cooling Water Workshop Manual

2.  Successful Integration of the Latest in Cooling Water Technology
     Workshop Manual

3.  Cooling Towers & Legionnaires Disease Workshop Manual

4.  Low/Medium Pressure Boiler Water Workshop Manual

5.  Boiler Water Treatment for Utility Power Plants Workshop Manual

6.  Water Conservation & Reuse for Cooling Tower Systems
      Workshop Manual

7.  Water Preparation Workshop Manual


CD of Puckorius Scale Prediction Index

The CD contains all of the necessary instructions in calculating the Puckorius Scaling Index (PSI) which will predict the Calcium Carbonate scaling tendency of any fresh waters including cycled up cooling tower water. This predictive tool is more accurate than the LSI or RSI Indecies. Simply entering a water quality will automatically calculate if and how severe the scaling tendency is of a water.

Slide Rule of the Puckorius Scale Prediction Index

The slide rule for calculating the Puckorius Scaling Index provides the same calculation as the CD and can easily be carried and used in the field.

Book entitled “Water Treatment-Anecdotes, Technology, Humor, and Interesting Stories
Vol.1 by J. Maxey Brooke

The book is a compilation of short stories, quotations, and sayings that provide interesting reading, some technology, and lots of humor relative to the water treatment industry. This book was published in memory of Mr. J.Maxey Brooke by Paul Puckorius. A 25% portion of the purchase price is designated for a memorial fund in his honor.

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